Tangkula Lightweight Golf Pull Push Trolley Club Cart Review

Tangkula Lightweight Golf Pull Push Trolley Club Cart Review

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Playing golf can be one of the most beneficial things you can do to improve the quality of your life. Asides from the obvious benefit of exercise, playing golf has been proven to increase mental capacity and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Playing golf also helps reduce stress, improve heart health, improve sleep, reduce the risk of injury and increase life expectancy.

Playing golf and connecting with friends, family and possible business partners is also one of its advantages. You wouldn’t expect all of these from a simple game based on hitting a ball around now, would you?

If that didn’t hype you to play golf, then I don’t know what will. You may realize that golf carts are really expensive to rent while the alternative of carrying your golf bag all day, doesn’t seem a lot of fun either. Why not take the middle ground and buy a golf trolley?

Golf trolleys are extremely convenient and they also give you the added benefit of exercise as you walk all around the golf course.  One golf trolley that we highly recommend is the Tangkula Lightweight Golf Pull Push Trolley Club Cart or the Tangkula Lightweight Pull Push Trolley for short.

Features of the Tangkula Lightweight Golf Pull Push Trolley Club Cart

The Tangkula Lightweight Pull Push Trolley is a simple but effective golf trolley. It weighs just about 5 pounds. It is also foldable which makes it very portable. It is very cheap and it was made to get the job done.

One cool feature about the golf trolley that makes it unique to other golf trolleys is that it is ergonomically designed to accommodate both left and right-handed people. So if you’re a leftie then you know how unfair the world is for left-handed people, but not with this golf trolley. This trolley is a step towards equality.

Other cool features are listed below:

  • The golf trolley has strong but lightweight steel frames with smooth ball bearing wheels.
  • The golf trolley’s handle is ergonomically shaped for both right-handed and left-handed It also has four tee holes.
  • To save space, the golf trolley was made to be foldable and it has 2 removable wheels.
  • The golf trolley is easy to assemble. Just follow the instructions and click the wheels on and voila! The golf trolley is assembled.
  • The golf trolley has a foot brake to prevent it from rolling down steep slopes.
  • The golf trolley is budget friendly.
  • The golf trolley can easily be steered with its EPA cover wheels.
  • The golf trolley weight is very light at approximately 5 pounds.
  • The golf trolley has a dimension of 57 by 26 by 44 inches.
  • The golf trolley has a folded height of 35 inches.
  • The golf trolley is simple and very easy to operate.
  • The golf trolley has a wheel size of 9.5 inches.


  • The golf trolley can easily fit into a large suitcase when folded.
  • The golf trolley is a great entry-level golf trolley. Cheap and easy to use.
  • Lightweight and optimal in design. It doesn’t have a lot of features because it focuses on making itself easy to move around and carry.
  • The golf trolley is good for left-handed and right-handed golfers. It doesn’t’ feel off when using it.
  • The golf trolley has a dynamic shape and is very stable. It is perfectly balanced and won’t slide down steep slopes.
  • The golf trolley’s breaks are foot operated which means that it can easily be controlled and stopped.
  • The golf trolley’s handle can be adjusted both up and down, to allow for a more comfortable fit.
  • The golf trolley has tons of features for a really small price. Sometimes you’d feel like you’re ripping off the company.


  • The golf trolley doesn’t have a scorecard holder
  • The golf trolley doesn’t have an umbrella holder or a water bottle holder; it’s really bad on hot summer days.
  • The golf trolley has plastic arm bars and they break quite easily.
  • The golf trolley’s height isn’t adjustable so be prepared to have trouble if you are either too tall or too short.
  • The golf trolley isn’t designed for a full-size bag and can’t carry very large bags.
  • The golf trolley is made out of steel and although it is strong, it wasn’t made to be as weatherproof as aluminum.


If you want a cheap and working golf trolley then the Tangkula Lightweight Golf Pull Push Trolley Club Cart is for you. It has all the necessary features you need to play golf. If you’re left-handed then also buy it, because this trolley was made specifically for people like you. It does have some inconveniences like having no scorecard holder and an inability to carry large bags.

Still it is a good golf cart trolley and it is highly recommended for beginners and experts alike.

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