Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Golf Push Cart Review

Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Golf Push Cart Review

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If you want to experience being one with nature, exercising and living a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle, then you should probably play golf. Playing golf has been proven to reduce cholesterol and improve your heart. Playing golf is also a way to bond with friends and family, it is the perfect pastime. It has tons of other benefits too but that information can be reserved for another article.

Now that you know how awesome golf is, it’s time to buy that golf set! But carrying your golf bag all around the course can be very tiring and renting a golf trolley can be quite expensive as well. Oh, the dilemma!

Why not buy a golf trolley, it isn’t as costly as renting a golf trolley nor would it tire you out easily when lugging around a golf bag. One golf trolley we highly recommend you check out is the Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Golf Push Cart.

Features of the Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Golf Push Cart

Today we would like to feature the Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Golf Push Cart or Bag Boy Express. The Bag Boy Express has tons of features and utilities you can use, like its cellphone holder, deluxe scorecard holder, beverage holder and other things that don’t include the word “holder” in it.

The complete list of features is listed below:

  • The golf bag can remain on the golf trolley even when it is folded.
  • The golf trolley has a weight of 15 pounds.
  • The golf trolley has a folded dimension of 36 by 14 by 18 inches.
  • The golf trolley can be folded in just two steps.
  • The golf trolley has a quick-release handle that allows for easy height adjustment. It has four possible heights.
  • The golf trolley and the stand bag are compatible with the upper bag bracket.
  • The golf trolley contains a foot brake to prevent the cart from falling off slopes; additionally it comes with a push on and off foot brake system.
  • The golf trolley contains a deluxe scorecard holder that also contains a pencil holder and a padded storage compartment.
  • The golf trolley has a mesh storage basket.
  • The golf trolley has a beverage holder.
  • The golf trolley has an integrated golf ball holder.
  • The golf trolley has a durable handlebar grip.
  • The golf trolley is made for convenience. Easy to assemble and easy to use.
  • The golf trolley contains a cell phone
  • The golf trolley contains an umbrella holder.
  • The golf trolley is very sturdy and durable and was designed to last for a very long time.
  • The golf trolley contains the newly featured TOP-LOK™ Technology. The TOP-LOK™ Technology is a patented bag-to-cart attachment system designed to securely fasten, attach and lock a golf bag back to the golf trolley.
  • The golf trolley comes with 2 different colors. The Silver and the Black Accent.


  • The golf trolley comes with easy to understand instructions.
  • The golf trolley’s mesh bag can easily hold small things like keys and wallets.
  • The golf trolley is sturdy lightweight and built very solidly.
  • The TOP-LOK™ Technology is so convenient that you won’t need cart straps to attach your bag.
  • The golf trolley is well worth the money.
  • The scorecard holder is really convenient if you don’t have a caddie with you. Very good for those solo games.
  • The golf trolley is useful on steep and hilly courses, the brakes work very well and it is easy to push even when traveling
  • The umbrella holder works really well and it looks good along with the cart.
  • The golf trolley’s cell phone holder is really handy when playing, since your phone might get in the way of your swings.
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to assemble the cart. It is easy to assemble even when you’re not mechanically inclined.


  • It is hard to find the golf ball holder and the tee holders.
  • The front wheel has no swivel making it hard to turn and maneuver.
  • The closing console has a magnetic catch but it is not deep enough to hold the rangefinder.
  • The beverage holder is only for small sized plastic bottles so don’t bring anything larger than that.
  • The cell phone holder won’t hold an iPhone 6.
  • The golf trolley’s tee holder gets wobbly when moving around. It looks like the tees will fall off.
  • The four height options feel very limited, more options would be nice.
  • The umbrella holder doesn’t come with the cart but can be purchased separately.
  • The cart is foldable but not as compact as it seems.


It can be really hot on the golf course, luckily the Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Golf Push Cart has a beverage holder and an umbrella holder to keep you refreshed, hydrated and shielded from the sun. It does have its setbacks though but none of them are critical enough to be worth mentioning.

It basically has a ton of features you can use and it is by far an exceptional golf trolley. To cut it short, if you like a convenient and leisurely game of golf then buy the Bag Boy Express.

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