Golf Push Cart Ratings

Golf Push Cart Ratings

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Golf push carts are the talk among golfers today. They can carry a full golf set plus additional things like water bottles, books, cellphones, etc. They are usually rated high since most golf push carts were designed to be tanks on the golf field.

What Makes Golf Push Cart Ratings High?

Most golf push carts have three or more wheels for stability and are far cheaper than electric golf carts.  Today it has become a trend to rate and comment on things online. So if you’ve bought that expensive golf cart and can’t decide what rating to give it, then have no fear, for your guide is right here.

Below is the list of factors to consider when choosing a golf push cart.

Handle Quality

When your golf push cart is fully loaded, it is important to have a strong and sturdy handle because it will wobble around and be difficult to steer if it is not sturdy enough. The handle of a golf cart should be ergonomically designed to be easy to grip and maneuver.  A golf cart that meets all these requirements should get a higher rating.

Weight and Bulkiness

Weight is also very important in rating a golf push cart. It will decide how easy or how hard it is to move around, unpack, and transport. It is an essential quality on and off the golf course. If a golf push cart is heavy then it will usually become heavier and bulkier when you add your gear into the golf cart.

A golf cart should be light enough to carry around while heavy enough to provide support and balance to the golf push cart. It is also good to remember that the more features the golf push cart has, the heavier and bulkier it will be. So keep that in mind.

A golf push cart that is neither too heavy nor too light should get a high rating and pass this criterion.

Wheels and Brakes

Golf courses have rough and rugged terrains. It is wise to have a golf push cart which can easily traverse these rough areas. Make sure that your golf push cart has large and durable wheels so it can easily handle the rugged terrain. Rubber tires are usually effective at handling these areas, so if your golf push cart has rubber tires then that’s a step in the right direction.

Take note that the larger the golf push cart’s wheels are the easier it is to push. So just remember that the larger the wheels, the better the golf push cart is. Also to prevent your golf push cart from falling or sliding off then make sure you have functioning brakes. Check if your brakes are designed to lock a single wheel or all wheels. The more wheels your brake locks, the safer your golf push cart is.

If your golf push cart has all of the features above then know that it passes the basic requirement of being a golf push cart. However if it doesn’t then give your golf push cart a rating of 1 star since these are  the most important quality of a golf push cart.


This will determine if you can bring your golf push cart in the field, so it is pretty important. Make sure that the golf push cart is foldable or can fit in the trunk of your car. Also make sure that the golf push cart can be assembled in less than 20 minutes. If it passes both the portability and fast assembly test then it passes the portability criteria.


It is important that your golf push cart can store equipment. Make sure that it can store your golf set, phone, wallets, umbrellas, snacks, etc. If it fits all of those things and has room for more, then congrats! You have found a wonderful golf push cart and it passes this criterion.

Additional Features

Things like patented bags or systems with fancy names are all labeled under this category.  The features are usually rated on what they can provide and if they can deliver it. If any of the features fail to live up to their advertising then, you’d better point it out for others to know as well.

Ease of Use

A good golf push cart should be easy to use. If it gives you any form of an inconvenience then it should get a lower rating. The ideal golf push cart should be simple enough to use but has features that make it convenient as well.


Everything has standards nowadays; even products like golf push carts.  To help you with your rating just put a checkmark on each of the features listed above. If they pass all 7 features then your golf push cart should receive a 5 star rating. If they pass 6 then that’s something between a 4 and 5-star rating.  Anything below 3 stars is a disgrace of a product and should not even be mentioned. Now what rating do you give your golf push cart?

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