Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Trolley Review

Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Trolley Review

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Doctors recommend playing golf since it brings optimal physical health, mental stability and overall wellness. The benefits of golf are too numerous to mention, some of these benefits would be providing you with a healthy body and a longer life. Playing golf is also an excellent way to socialize and interact with friends or connect with potential business partners.

Playing golf also has been proven to reduce stress, stimulate the brain for increased intelligence and it is also a way to combat Alzheimer’s. You can multiply the benefits of playing golf by using a golf bag or a golf trolley to move around the golf course.

But not any kind of golf trolley will do, you need a golf trolley that is durable, convenient and can easily move around rough terrain. A golf trolley that we highly recommend you try is the Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Trolley.

Features of the Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Trolley

Jef World Deluxe Steel Golf Trolley is a cheap, lightweight and optimal trolley designed to take you all over the golf course with minimal hassles. It is very portable and can be folded down for easy storage. The golf trolley is also designed to carry large and heavy golf bags, which means that you can now bring that complete set of golf clubs that you always wanted to show off to your friends.

The full list of features is listed below:

  • The golf trolley is made from heavy-duty steel but it is lightweight, which allows for easy maneuverability and movement around the golf
  • The golf trolley can be opened and closed in one easy motion.
  • The golf trolley can be folded in half for easy and compact storage.
  • The golf trolley contains a waterproofs scorecard holder.
  • The golf trolley has a contoured bottom to make room for larger bags. It also has an adjustable bag strap.
  • The golf trolley’s wide wheels easily allow movement in rough terrains such as dirt areas, green grass and even sandy areas.
  • The golf trolley weighs approximately 8 pounds.
  • The gold trolley has a dimension of 9 by 10 by 33.5 inches.


  • The golf trolley can be pushed and pulled easily with minimal effort.
  • The golf trolley is foldable and fits easily in a suitcase.
  • The golf trolley can be shipped internationally to chosen countries and can be delivered practically anywhere domestically.
  • The golf trolley is cheap, very budget friendly and a good golf trolley to use when just starting out.
  • Very easy assembly and disassembly, it features a clip-on mechanism which finishes the job within a few minutes. It’s really good if you don’t want to spend 10 to 20 minutes putting together parts of the trolley.
  • Even when folded, the bag remains intact within the trolley.
  • The golf trolley has inserted spaces for balls, tees and pencils.
  • The golf trolley’s waterproof scorecard holder is really convenient on rainy days.
  • No false advertising, the golf trolley is exactly as you see in the picture.
  • The golf trolley is lightweight and women love using it.
  • The golf trolley is balanced and very easy to control.
  • The golf trolley can carry very large and heavy bags because of its contoured bottom.
  • The golf trolley has hundreds of positive reviews online and customers love it.
  • The golf trolley offers great maneuverability all over the golf course.
  • The golf trolley’s wheels are easily replaceable.
  • The golf trolley is stable even when it is on hilly terrain and it makes climbing up a slope a lot easier.


  • The golf trolley’s bag has a tendency to rotate and shift to the point where it can make a complete 180-degree
  • The buckle on the golf trolley’s adjustable strap isn’t made from the strongest of materials. It might easily break when handling heavy baggage.
  • The golf trolley’s bag is heavy and very bulky
  • The golf trolley’s contoured bottom becomes a hindrance when traveling
  • The golf trolley has no braking mechanism attached to it.
  • The golf trolley doesn’t have any special holders attached to it like umbrella holders or water holders.
  • The golf trolley’s height cannot be adjusted and is really hard to reach when you are above 6 feet tall.
  • The golf trolley’s wheels are not very durable and seem to be made out of plastic.


If you want a golf trolley that does its job right, simple and easy to use, then the Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Trolley might be the one for you. It is very cheap and a good golf trolley to use when you are just starting out. It also has large wheels that allow you to move easily on rough terrain.

However, it does have its downsides, such as its non-existent adjustability and lacking of holders for umbrellas and water bottles. But even with all of these setbacks, the Jef World Deluxe Steel Golf Trolley is quite the bargain when you consider its price. So we suggest you buy one now if you value utility and functionality over all things.

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