Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart Review

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart Review

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Playing golf is a great way to spend your free time. It has the benefit of improving one’s health and is proven to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Playing golf also greatly reduces stress, increases life expectancy and helps you bond with friends, family and even possible business clients. So why not play golf today?

If you do decide to improve the quality of your life by playing golf, then you’d need a golf trolley. You should know that renting a golf cart can be very expensive in the long run and carrying a full set of golf clubs isn’t really advisable either.  So purchasing and using the best golf trolley that you can get, is a wise and practical decision.

One golf trolley that we highly recommend is the Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart.  It is very pricey but the Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart was built and engineered with all the finest parts available complete with all the trendiest features.  So the quality justifies the price.

Features of the Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

The Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart is one of the best golf trolleys currently in the market. There are multiple designs and colors to choose from. The golf trolley also features new and improved utilities. Utilities such as patented cup holders and amazing add-ons like an attachable chair.

It has a lot of other cool and unique features which we’ve made sure to list below:

  • The golf trolley can easily be folded into a dimension of 13 x 15 x 24 inches
  • The golf trolley is lightweight and weighs only 18 pounds.
  • The golf trolley offers a complete console for golf balls, pencils and tee
  • The golf trolley includes a cup holder, an umbrella mount and 4 accessory tabs for other Clicgear accessories.
  • The golf trolley includes a handbrake for safety and convenience. It contains a new cable anchor and pivot assembly that prevents cable wear and damage.
  • The golf trolley comes with a variety of colors. The colors being:
  • Blue/Blue
  • Lime/Lime,
  • Orange/Orange
  • Charcoal/Orange
  • Charcoal/Lime
  • Charcoal/Black
  • Silver/Black
  • Arctic/White
  • The golf trolley contains a new Easy-Clip Strap system to easily adjust and fit golf bags of all types.
  • The golf trolley contains the new Cup Holder Plus, which is an adjustable cup mount.
  • The golf trolley is easily repairable and parts are replaceable should any damages occur.
  • The golf trolley contains no rivets, wires or any cheap parts. All parts are properly engineered for quality.
  • The golf trolley also has a cleat cleaner for cleaning dirt and mud.
  • The golf trolley has 12-inch size wheels for easy movement on rough terrain.
  • The golf trolley contains multiple add-ons that are very convenient to have.


  • Looks sleek and aggressive.
  • The golf trolley is very stable and easy to maneuver.
  • The golf trolley contains a lot of features and accessories.
  • The golf trolley contains cool add-ons like the Clicgear SEAT, an attachable chair. Add-ons also include an adjustable umbrella holder and a cooler bag.
  • The golf trolley can hold scorecards and cellphones using an elastic band.
  • The golf trolley has a large storage space which you can use to store food and snacks on those long golf games.
  • It has a variety of colors and styles to choose from.
  • It can carry over 50 lbs. of weight and maybe 70 lbs. for short periods of time.
  • The golf trolley is built like a tank and rarely gets damaged.
  • The cleat cleaner is really handy when you step on mud or have dirt disturbing the balance of your shoes.
  • Its adjustable cup holder is really handy when bringing large bottles of water. Just don’t bring a liter or gallon.
  • The seat add-on is really convenient when you have long and tiring games.
  • The cup holder easily holds a Starbucks coffee with ease. So you can drink good coffee while playing golf.
  • The breaks are strong and the golf trolley will stay put even when on slippery terrain.
  • It’s the Cadillac version of golf carts. It smoothly climbs up steep slopes without any trouble.
  • The features outweigh the high
  • The golf trolley’s case can hold multiple balls and has extra room to spare. Wallets and cell phones can easily fit within the case.
  • The golf trolley’s wheels are super durable and rarely get damaged.


  • It has a complex unfolding process.
  • It is very heavy and bulky when folded up.
  • It is very expensive


If you’ve got the money and plan to invest in your future, then buy this golf trolley. It can carry over 50 pounds of weight and is built like a tank, it will last for a very long time .It is the Cadillac among golf trolleys and it will run smoothly and effectively on the golf course.

Get the Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart for a convenient golf game and have other golfers watch you with envy.

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Joy Krebs says April 24, 2020

Do you know which pull golf cart Golf Digest recommends the clic gear 4.0 or the Tangkula pull cart

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