How Does a Golf Cart Work

How Does a Golf Cart Work

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Buying a golf cart is not as necessary as having your own golf club. However, golf carts sure make your day out on the golf course easier and convenient. While you can walk by foot from one place to another, isn’t it more comfortable to just ride a golf cart?

This way, you do not have to feel hot walking under the heat of the sun carrying all your equipment. Golf carts look like a small car with four wheels. Okay, that’s quite obvious, but what is hidden from the human eye is the mechanism that propels it to move. If you have ever wondered how does a golf cart work, then read on.

How Does a Gold Cart Work and the Different Types

Understanding how does a golf cart works means understanding the two ways a golf cart works. Basically, there are just two types of golf carts on the market.

The first one is a gas-powered golf cart that has a small engine that is very similar to most car engines. However, this kind of engine cannot keep the cart running once you take your foot off the pedal for the gas. So instead of letting the engine run as long as the ignition is on, the cart will just run every time to step on the gas. Therefore, you can save more gas and emit fewer exhaust fumes.

The second type is an electric-powered golf cart. As the name implies, this vehicle requires batteries to run the motor. The batteries are rechargeable so that you don’t have to buy another one when it is all used up. This also means that you will get a battery charger along with the golf cart itself. Typically, a battery needs more than 8 hours to get full. Some golf carts are charged through solar panels installed on their roofs. This way, the batteries are charging under the sun while you are enjoying your day on the golf course.

How to Drive a Golf Cart?

Though their sources of power are different, both gas and electric golf carts have the same operation – at least most models. So how do you drive them? Below is the step by step guide.

  • Step 1 – Lock the brake of the golf cart by pressing it hard.
  • Step 2 – Start the ignition using a key. Some golf carts may also require pressing another start button aside from the start engine.
  • Step 3 – Shift the gears either forward or reverse, adjusting to the correct position.
  • Step 4 – Step on the gas pedal gently to start moving.
  • Step 5 – Stop the golf cart by pressing the brake hard enough until you hear the sound, indicating it is already locked.

How Powerful is a Golf Cart?

Unlike cars, golf carts are not capable of going really fast. The maximum limit set for them is only 24 mph as it is the right and safe speed. However, some golf carts may only have 15 mph forward speed limit ad 10mph backward speed limit. Depending on the horsepower, a gas golf cart is ideal for hilly and steep courses. Meanwhile, for electric golf carts, the braking system needs to feed the energy back into the batteries to control the speed of the vehicle when driving downhill.

Reminders: As you step on the gas, make sure to hold the steering wheel firmly for there could be a sudden jolt. This does not happen to electric golf carts but it is better to wait before moving on. Meanwhile, be careful in making turns by doing it slowly. Doing it all too sudden can cause toppling.

Golf Cart Driving Etiquette:

  1. Golf carts are not allowed for off-road traveling. You should not use it for day to day transportation.
  2. Golf courses do not let you drive on the green grass. Always watch where you are going. Keep your cart on the cart path only.
  3. Golf courses may have specific rules regarding golf cart renting or bringing your own cart. Review them first before driving a golf cart.
  4. When there is a golfer who is about to swing his club, drive slowly or stop the car until he has completed his stroke. Carts are noisy, especially gas golf carts, so be courteous.
  5. Every time you finish a hole, move to the next teeing ground first. Then mark your scorecard so you won’t hold anyone up.

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Ellen Hughes says September 25, 2018

I do like that you suggested checking the specific rules of the golf courses that you’ll be visiting before renting a golf electric cart. My husband and I are interested in renting an electric cart. We’d like to make sure that we will be able to drive it while our 3-year old son is with us, so I’ll consider all your tips.

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