Paragon 3-Wheelie Push Pull Folding 3 Wheel Golf Push Review

Paragon 3-Wheelie Push Pull Folding 3 Wheel Golf Push Review

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One of the essential pieces of golf equipment every golfer should have is a golf cart, at least a push cart type. That is because carrying your bags on the back increases the chance of health issues, specifically on the back. So the best solution for that is to invest in a golf cart like the Paragon 3-Wheelie Push Pull Folding 3 Wheel Golf Push.

As the name implies, this brand has three wheels with 12-inch tires. Whether you push or pull this trolley, rest assured that it will roll smoothly on most terrain. Meanwhile, the folding mechanism is simple and straightforward. You can assemble it in seconds and fold the cart back in just one step.

The frame of the Paragon 3-Wheelie Push Pull Folding 3 Wheel Golf Push is made of wide aluminum tubing with commercial grade ABS hardware. This is really strong and durable. Now to keep the bag stable, the manufacturer added adjustable arms on the top and bottom parts of the cart. Meanwhile, the handle is adjustable, too.

You can push and pull from different angles or positions, making it ideal for golfers of all heights. Lastly, this trolley comes complete with extra features such an umbrella holder, cup holder, and a free cooler bag.

Features of the Paragon 3-Wheelie Push Pull Folding 3 Wheel Golf Push

  • A three-wheeled golf cart trolley, ideal for beginner and professional golfers of different heights
  • Assembles and unfolds in seconds
  • Features one-step folding mechanism
  • Includes three wheels with 12-inch tires that roll smoothly on most terrain
  • Features an adjustable handle that allows pulling or pushing from different positions
  • Provides enough room for golf bags with the adjustable arms on top and bottom of the cart
  • Includes a strong and lightweight aluminum frame
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs.
  • Includes an umbrella holder, drink holder, and a scorecard holder
  • Includes a free cooler bag


The Paragon 3-wheelie Push Pull Folding 3 Wheel Golf Push is one of the best trolleys for golf today because its quality surpasses the standard. It is really durable and simple to use. Aside from this, there are a few extra features that can make your day on the golf course convenient. Take a closer look at some of its features and their benefits below.

What is notable with this trolley is its adjustable handle allows you to either push or pull the cart to your next teeing area. You can pull it to the side or push it from different angles or positions. This feature also makes it ideal for short and tall golfers. Aside from this, the straightforward folding mechanism is something to be lauded, too. You can fold and unfold the cart in seconds without any trouble. That means you can also keep and store it even in a tight space.

The all-terrain tires are 12 inches big. The three of them are positioned proportionally for better stability. When it’s time to move, they are sure to roll smoothly on the greens or rough terrain without giving you any hassle. To stop the cart, you can just step on the brake.

Furthermore, this trolley is made to carry big and small golf bags thanks to the aluminum frame with adjustable arms on the top and bottom. This way, you have enough space for all your belongings. And if that’s not enough, you can also use the mesh bag right next to it. Not only can you bring your clubs but also other accessories as well.

The purchase comes complete with a free cooler bag for your food or water. Another free extra to make your game convenient is the umbrella holder and scorecard holder.


The good things have been said. Now, it’s time to look at the drawbacks. For example, the size of the wheels. Some golfers simply do not like that the wheels are thin that they do not look sturdy or durable at all. Aside from this, there are also complaints that the front wheel cannot sustain the same performance as the others, as it is prone to develop latching issues. Lastly, if you are someone who follows a certain color for your golf equipment, the only color options to choose from are red/black and white/green.


Nevertheless, the Paragon 3-Wheelie Push Pull Folding 3 Wheel Golf Push still stands out on the market. For its price, the features are great. Plus, there is a freebie, which is something you cannot get from other golf trolleys.

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