How Wide is a Golf Cart

How Wide is a Golf Cart

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Buying a new golf cart – or what some people prefer to call a golf car – is more than just picking between gas-powered and electric-powered models. Since they are not as cheap as a club or golf ball, you better make sure that all your money is going to be spent on the right golf cart.

This way, your effort won’t be wasted and you’ll find value for money instead. So how can you ensure a worthy golf cart purchase? The answer is by familiarizing yourself with the specifications and features of golf carts. And the first of the specifications that you want to know is the cart’s dimensions. So in this article, you will know how wide is a golf cart and why this is so important to consider.

How Wide is a Golf Cart and the Importance of Knowing Golf Cart’s Dimension

Suppose you are buying a car. Won’t your first question be how many people can ride in it? The same thing with golf carts or golf cars. These vehicles look really small compared to a real car, but with the right proportion of length and width they can carry golfers as well as your golf equipment. Aside from this, knowing how wide is a golf cart is essential because not all cart paths have the same width. If golf course you are playing at has narrow paths, then you should choose a smaller golf cart that can fit there.

Standard Golf Cart Dimensions

Most golf carts are made to be ridden by two people. Their width, height, and length are measured 4 x 8 x 8 feet. They are spacious enough even for the golf equipment such as clubs and bags to be loaded in with the riders.

In reality, there is not really a standard golf cart dimension. It just so happens that the said measurement is apparent in many models today. Some golf carts come in smaller and bigger sizes than the dimension mentioned above because every manufacturer has their own standard dimensions. Thus, this is another reason why you should check the dimensions of the cart you are buying. Make sure that it looks proportional so that it will be safer and more efficient to use.

Modern Golf Carts

As mentioned above, golf carts now come in various sizes. Today, they can fit 4 players and transport them from one place to another. Some of them are also created for equipment and cargo only. Meanwhile, other types are self-propelled eight-seaters or one-passenger golf carts. Those that accommodate more than 2 players are usually wider and bigger.

Their standard dimensions would be 10.5 x 4 x 6 feet. Meanwhile, the ground clearance would be around 4 feet. They can even support heavier cargos. Of course, that also means that they are more expensive. All the new types can either be electric or gas golf carts. In other words, today you have more options and a more difficult decision-making process – which leads us to the last point.

Other Considerations

Of course, aside from the width, there are other factors that you should consider when looking for the right golf cart. The following are some of them and not limited to:


The maximum speed limit for these vehicles is set to 24 kilometers per hour but the minimum limit is not. For this reason, it is also good to find out the weight of a gas or electric golf cart. That is because a heavier cart can affect its speed.

Interior Space

You would also want to know how spacious your golf cart is for your comfort’s sake. Tall and big players would want to ride a golf cart with a generous room for their movement. Aside from this, a spacious golf cart means more room for your other belongings.

Overall design

You are playing on the course, swinging golf clubs from hole to hole. It is just right to be transported via golf cart, sitting on a well-cushioned seat. It is also better if the roof is well covered so you don’t feel hot under the heat of the sun, so check the overall design of the golf cart to ensure that it is not just safe but comfortable as well.

Other features

Modern golf carts have added features to make playing golf more convenient. Some of them now have ball cleaners, cooler trays, windshields, forklifts, and even speed controllers.

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